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About Us

SAD Prievidza JSC is a leading Slovakian company with 69 years of rich history in the transport industry.
The history dates back from the year 1949 when the first transport system was created in Czechoslovakia to help deliver public transportation and product logistics.

SAD Prievidza is known today as ‘The Joint Stock Company’ which was established back in 2002 with the philosophy to offer a high-quality transportation services for public use, and private sectors to carry forward the initial idea of paving a path in the field of transportation.

The company carries a variety of public transport contracts such as intercity services with TSK in the territory of the Trenčín Regio, public transport licenses in the towns of Prievidza, Partizánske, Handlová, Bojnice and Bánovce nad Bebravou, local tour´s, long-distance and contractual transport. The third pillar of the offered service is the international tour’s transport.

The vehicle fleet includes over 280 busses and represents brands such as; Setra, Man, Iveco, Neoplan, Scania and SOR. The average age of the fleet is under 4 years and 7 months.

In 2017 SAD Prievidza transported more than 12 million people over 14 million kilometres without any serious traffic accidents.

SAD Prievidza strives to provide a of high level of comfort and technical excellency to the public via different types of automotive vehicles, whilst putting public safety as top priority.


The mission of the company is to maintain a high level of services, and to provide safety for all transported passengers.

The vision: The strategic vision is to create a stable company that fulfils its long-term goals, whilst achieving its mission with exceptional results and prosperity in its profits and investments by offering a high level of transport services, strengthening relationships with business partners, public, and increasing the employment rate within the company.