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Name and seat of the recipient: SAD Prievidza a.s., Ciglianska cesta 1, Prievidza

Project name: Modernisation of the information system for suburban bus transport services

Location of the project: Trenčín Region

Project is co-financed by the Fund: The European Regional Development Fund

Granting authority: The Slovak Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development

Operational Programme: Integrated Operational Programme

Priority axis: 1. Secure and green transport in regions

Specific objective: 1.2.1 Increase of attractiveness and competitiveness of the public passenger transport

Non-repayable financial aid (NFP) amount: EUR 503,038.80

The focus of the project will be on one main activity that will consist of the following activities:

– equipment of 166 buses and 3 operational workplaces with board computers

– additional equipment of 126 buses with an internal information panel (providing information for passengers)

– placement of 2 outdoor information panels for passengers at the Prievidza bus station.

Benefits of the project will be felt especially by the public transport passengers. Every passenger will receive accurate and up-to-date information about the departing service and traffic situation. Purchase of the ticket will be quick and easy thanks to the possibility to pay by credit/debit card. Time spent traveling will be shortened by more efficient evaluation of traffic information — the dispatching control room will be able to eliminate time deviations comparing them with timetable and passengers will be able to flexibly react on the time deviations related to the current situation in the transport nodes.

Modernisation of the tariff and dispatching system (new board computers) will help us to shorten time period spent not only in the vehicle of the public transport but also outside of it, to improve way of sharing the information with the travelling public by using modern ICTs and also to enhance the comfort of our passengers. All mentioned above will be achieved by following:

– the dispatching control room team will be able to eliminate time deviations comparing arrivals to the timetable;

– in the transport nodes, passengers will be able to react on the time deviation resulting from the current traffic situation;

– the possibility of online location tracking of the service not only for the dispatcher, but also for passengers via a web/mobile application or via electronic information panels;

– tracking the seat availability in the bus;

– the possibility to continuously reasses the need to deploy vehicles with a higher capacity or (where appropriate) additional services;

– wider option of settings of the tariff systems which is the basis for the creation of the integrated transport system within the Trenčín Region and Žilina Region;

– the possibility to pay by the credit/debit card on the board, what will lead to easier and more efficient form of the ticked purchase.

Modernisation of information systems in buses and at the bus station Prievidza will help to create more efficient way how to share information with the travelling public using modern ICTs:

– information panels in the buses will provide visual and acoustic information about the service, delays, current traffic information resulting from the on-the-road situation, and information about any changes in the timetables or tariffs;

– information panels at the bus station will provide information about the exact time of departure and platform from which the service will be dispatched.

The implementation of the project will directly contribute to the fulfilment of the Integrated Regional Operational Programme specific objective 1.2.1 Increase of attractiveness and competitiveness of the public passenger transport. Assumption for development of one of the benefits of public passenger transport – decreased greenhouse gas emissions per person transported – is its widest use possible and hence increased use in comparison with the individual transport. In order to achieve this, steps must be taken to make public transport more attractive as a means of ensuring mobility for people in cities and regions – which is the direct objective of this project.


In 2010, SAD Prievidza a.s. completed the project “Construction of the CNG station and renovation of the rolling stock by buses running on natural gas” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Program called Environment. The result of the project was the construction of the CNG station at the SAD Prievidza a.s. bus station and the purchase of 20 new low-floor city buses with compressed natural gas. Reduction of emissions and other pollutants contributes to minimisation of the adverse impacts of climate change in the town of Prievidza.


SAD Prievidza a.s. has received a non-repayable financial aid for the project “Education of SAD Prievidza a.s. employees as a basis for providing quality services”. This project has been implemented thanks to support from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Employment and Social Inclusion.

The overall objective of the project was to increase the skills of employees in order to increase their adaptability to continuously changing conditions and to improve their working potential. The main activities of the project were the development of communication skills focused on customer service, the development of managerial potential of employees and the development of skills with ICTs used in the work process. All employees were included in the process of education. The project was realised at the headquarters of the company in Prievidza from April 2010 to August 2011 in a newly-built training room.